FO: In the bag

One of the things I’ve been wanted to try to make for ages is a simple tote bag. While there are hundreds of patterns out there, I didn’t have one – just a canvas tote bag I really liked, and a general idea of how to make a quilted one.

It took me most of an afternoon, but in the end, it worked out almost perfectly!


It’s nice and big, and fully lined, just as I wanted.


I will make more of these, but I will change just a few things. I’d like to put something in the bottom to make them sturdier. And the straps I’ll make wider (for ease of turning to the right side) as well as a little bit shorter.  The straps on this one are large enough to sling crosswise over your body, which is great for the recipient, but in general I’d like them shorter.

Now… about that fabric. You may have noticed that its the character from theLittle Mr/Little Miss series of books. It was part of a stash that a former sewer gave Mom and I. But what I didn’t notice until I started cutting it…


They are all in French! Luckily, the recipient will find that all the more charming! I certainly got a good giggle out of it.


10 thoughts on “FO: In the bag

  1. Araignee

    Cute! I’ve always wanted to make bags too but it seems so fiddly. I think I’d rather just watch people make them on You Tube.


  2. Shirley

    Very pretty tote bag! I think tote bags are so much fun to make and you can adapt them to your preference (like with the straps, inside pockets, trim). I am betting you will be showing another completed tote bag before too long.


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