Gardening with fabric

The weather continues to do its up and down, teasing me with sun and warmth, then slapping me in the face with snow and cold. Spring will come… it always does. But until it’s really here, I have to content myself with flowers in my fabric.

The Calico Garden quilt has a deadline. It’s not until the beginning of June, but as you know, I don’t like to leave things to the last minute. So I made two more blocks


Which brings me up to four completed. There will be nine in total, plus sashing and a border. This is going to be a BIG quilt!  I’m breaking the creation of them over two session… creating all the HSTs in one sitting (there are 72 at at time), and then trimming them all, and creating two big beautiful blocks in another.

And I have to show you the amazing fabric I got for the back…


A few weeks back, Lens had a special coupon – 65% off any Free Spirit fabric. Since Lens already has fabulous prices, the coupon made it an absolute steal. I mixed some Free Spirit Fabrics in the blocks, so it was a great choice for the back.  The selection was pretty picked over by the time I got to the store, so I was thrilled to score these cute little forest creatures. The recipient is going to love them just as much as I do.



8 thoughts on “Gardening with fabric

  1. Val, that is gorgeous.
    Hey I want to invite you to a Ravelry group Im starting. The group is Stitchers Staring the Corona Virus Down. I’ll send you an invite on ravelry once I remember your ravelry name. HELP!
    We are going to try a 1900 start up time tonight (central time)
    After that the chats will be open to whatever time you want to go there and chat with another one of our main blog commenters. It is open only to those of us who usually blog and comment to one another. I want you in!!!


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