Nipper’s got his groove back

Thank you to the few of you who suggested I look for a doll house gramophone for my wee Nipper. I found one on ebay that wasn’t too expensive (that is NOT a cheap hobby!)…


I had to adjust the height of the horn a little, but otherwise it was the absolute perfect size. When I bought it, I assumed it was made of plastic, but it’s actually metal and wood and is quite nice in its quality.


It almost looks like it was made for him!

10 thoughts on “Nipper’s got his groove back

  1. Araignee

    Perfect!!! My dad used to build and furnish doll houses and yes, it is an expensive hobby. I wish I had kept mine now but they are so BIG.


  2. That is exquisite!!!!

    Hobbies —————–are ANY of them cheap? Probably not. I know mine aren’t. LOL Cross stitch patterns have become very pricey and lets not talk about the yarns I love. Oh my!


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