FO: Hungry Bear

Valerie’s toy workshop is open again!

Years and years ago, my lovely nieces gave me this lovely pattern book:


…and for some reason, I’ve never knit anything from it.  Now was the perfect time to rectify it. I had one ball of leftover madtosh vintage in Rosewood. It was the perfect colour for a Hungry Bear!


The pattern was fun,  but it had some challenges. Mostly, getting the eyes and nose in the right spot on the face. In the pattern, they are embroidered on after stuffing. But as I was using safety noes and eyes, I had to put them in before stuffing. That meant getting the placement right was tricky. I wish I’d gotten the eyes closer to the snout, but it will have to do.

All the pieces are knit flat, and if I make another one, I’ll make them in the round. That said, this gave me some great practice on mattress stitch


You can barely tell where my seams are!

I loved the addition of the fabric accents on the paws and ears…

… which gave me the chance to practice my blanket stitch too!

And now that’s more yarn out of the stash and another item in the box for Natalie’s fundraiser!

8 thoughts on “FO: Hungry Bear

  1. Shirley

    OMG – what an adorable bear! When I started reading your post, I thought the first photo was from the book. You did an awesome job. I love the facial expression. Even working with flat surfaces in applique, faces can be tricky.

    Liked by 1 person

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