One of the things I love about the internet is that it’s full of inspiration. On my last post on  Royal stars, I mentioned that I had an amazing plan for the final layout

I can’t take credit for it. The idea came from a post from another quilter in the Blockhead Facebook group:


Turn your cornerstones into stars! You all know how much I love stars… so it’s got to be even better with MORE stars!

And turning those cornerstones into stars is not that difficult. It just means a few extra steps: First, you get everything cut


Small squares for star points, big squares for cornerstones (or star centres), and long rectangles for sashing strips.

Then, you snowball the ends of your sashing strips

In the layout I chose, some needed both ends snowballed, some needed only one end done, so it took a little bit of forethought and attention.

Then, you build your top just as you normally would and voila! Stars EVERYWHERE!


The sashing stars are  a few inches smaller than the main blocks, so it adds a nice bit of interest to the quilt.


For those sashing stars, I used fabric leftover from the back of Sewing on my Back Porch.

I’m so happy I was able to use it here, because it’s a gorgeous fabric. It was the perfect shade of purple, with just the  right amount of reds and browns to work with this quilt.

Another small thin border of white, then a wider border of the purple floral and this top is complete!


And it’s a wonderful lap size at about 54″ x 62″.

Sadly, you won’t see this one quilted anytime soon. Because of COVID, we’re sticking close to home, so that means no quilting at Mom’s. But also, I don’t have fabric that will work for a back on this one.

Lens has closed until further notice (thankfully Mom and I stocked up on essentials… solid fabrics and threads), and I won’t be ordering anything because our dollar has tanked, and all my favourite online fabric places are south of the border.

Still it gives me something to look forward to when all the dust from the virus mess has settled. And I’ve got plenty of other projects to keep me occupied in the mean time.




6 thoughts on “Starstruck

  1. Shirley

    That is such an awesome quilt! I love the design and the fabrics. I had to really study it to work it out in my mind. I am going to copy your photos and post on my Pinterest board for future reference. It’s shocking that you do not have anything in your stash for backing. These are really strange days. Elastic is now unavailable due to all the people making face masks to donate. Apparently, May is the earliest expected ship date from Amazon.


  2. Stunning!! What a great idea for your sashing. Thankfully I am still able to order online and Joann Fabrics is open to pickup in store. But that doesn’t help if I need to match a color for something. Oh well, I do have loads to keep me busy too.


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