Friday Felines

While Burton is definitely my little lovebug, he’s actually not much of a snuggler since he outgrew kittenhood.  Not with the other cats, and not with me. He’s usually not far from me, but he prefers to lay on the opposite end of the couch (usually upside-down), or drape himself across the back of it behind my head

So imagine my surprise when the other night, I stretched out, and he came and made himself comfortable between my knees.

Of course, when I’m stretched out like that, Rupert has to get in on the action, as he loves nothing more than curling up between my knees. Yet that space was already occupied…


I guess there’s always room for one more…

7 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Araignee

    Too funny! Daughter’s been sending me photos of her cats all snuggled with her like that too. They are loving this work at home thing.


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