FO: Strangling vines

I thought I had used up all the the leftover Biggo with the owl hat, but i was digging around in the stash and I found another full skein. This yarn is lovely, and oh so soft, so I thought it would be a nice choice for a cowl.

A rummage around Ravely came up with Strangling Vines. (It’s a freebie too!) It’s written for fingering, but it wasn’t hard to adapt it to a chunky knit. A few more mods, and a scarf easily becomes a cowl.


The buttons are for looks only – I sewed the two ends together so it looks like it’s buttoned, but there’s no chance of it coming apart.


The pattern is just a simple vine lace – four row repeat, and two of those are plain. The Biggo blocks out beautifully and all that lace opened up making this a wonderfully light knit, despite the fact that it’s chunky yarn.

It’s long enough to wrap twice so it’s tucked up nice and cozy around the neck, but it also looks lovely worn long and loose – and is still a nice bit of warmth around the neck.

It was a fun, fast knit (thanks to the yarn!), and it’s another item for Natalie’s fundraiser!

But… I was once again digging through the stash looking for yarn for a new project… and I found yet ANOTHER skein of Biggo!!! Gah! Is this yarn multiplying in the stash???

10 thoughts on “FO: Strangling vines

  1. Very pretty! I like when cowls are big enough to hang loose AND wrap twice to be warm and cozy. Nice pattern! That yarn IS multiplying when you are not looking – lol.


  2. I think you’ve opened some sort of portal to the Biggo Dimension. And given what lovely things you’ve been making with it, it’s no wonder that all the Biggo is seeking you out!


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