Making tracks

IMG_1868With the Royal Stars top done and put in the to-quilt pile, it was time to pay some attention to another neglected project – Walk Like A Dinosaur.

I hadn’t touched it since I put that first set of toes together way back in February. I only had a few hours the other afternoon, but I managed to complete three more pairs.

The plan is to have three columns of tracks like this, each with six pairs of prints. The middle column will probably go in the other direction.

I’m still debating if the columns will butt up against each other, or haves some sort of sashing in between them.

Before all this dreadful COVID business, I was able to get the two fabrics on the left from Lens – they will be some sort of sashing/borders when I get to that point.


The fabric on the right came from Mom’s stash – and adorable chunk of flannel that just feels like it was made for this quilt!

But… I’ve got 14 more pairs of prints to make before I even worry about backing it!

7 thoughts on “Making tracks

  1. Shirley

    This is going to be such an adorable quilt! That chunk of flannel is just perfect for the backing. Looking forward to seeing how this one comes together.


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