Making Minerva

I needed a new project for the needles, and PDXKnitterati came along with the perfect KAL at just the right time!

I’ve wanted to try entrelac pretty much since I started knitting. Why I haven’t until now is beyond me. But as soon as she posted about the Minerva KAL, I knew it was time.

I didn’t really  have any gradients in the stash, but I did have a lot of Mom’s handspun efforts… since they tend to knit up stripey, I wondered if they would work. I ran the idea by Mom and she said they should be perfect for entrelac.


She was not wrong! It almost looks like I’ve knit with a different yarn on each one of those little squares!

The pattenr calls for Worsted, but Mom likes to spin thin, so I had to adjust a little. This skein is about a sport weight, so I added a few extra beginning triangles on and so far, it seems to be just the right size.  I’ve got about 315 yards, so hopefully its enough to make a decent-sized cowl. If I do, it will likely end up in the Christmas box.

9 thoughts on “Making Minerva

  1. Your mom was right; it’s perfect yarn for entrelac! I’m worried about your yardage, though. You might weigh your yarn (do you know how much you started with?) and extrapolate how long your piece will turn out. The extra width has to come from somewhere!


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