I’ve got another quilt commission. When Sam’s Mom saw Dog Logs, she immediately wanted to snap it up for a mom-to-be she knows. She was upset to find out it had already been claimed.

It was a little on the small side anyway, so I agreed to make another one. I didn’t have enough fabric left to make it exactly the same, but she said she was happy with something similar – dog fabrics and log cabin blocks.

I’d gotten the previous dog fabrics from Walmat, so I hopped on the website (because there was no way I was going to the store if I could help it) to see if I could get more. They didn’t have the exact same ones, but they did have some fat quarters in some pretty cute dog prints.


Once  they arrived, as cute as they were, I realized they were a little heavy on the blue, and a touch dull. She had asked for something gender neutral, as well as bright and cheery.


Luckily, our last trip to Lens before it closed yielded up some brighter pieces I could mix in. I also went through my own stash and pulled out any leftovers that would work.

I had a free hour or so the other day, so I fussy cut some cute puppers for the centre block on each cabin (there will be 12 blocks in all)


Then I got to cutting strips for the logs in both light fabrics


… and darks/colours


Now everything is ready for any moment I have some time to build some cabins! (or in this case… dog houses?)

And for bonus points… LOOK!!!1

Spring is almost here!!!! (I am doing a happy dance right now.)

5 thoughts on “Doggonit!

  1. Shirley

    With those fabrics and your plans, that is going to be an awesome little quilt. It has been such a pretty spring here and my vehicle is streaked with pollen. The shower last night was just enough to leave streaks thru the pollen.


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