All jammed up

Happy Monday! Although I haven’t been a commuter for about a year, and not many people are driving these days, there’s still a Traffic Jam to content with!
My Leader and Ender Traffic Jam blocks are starting to coming together:


The look like a bit of a mish-mash in this picture. But the final layout will have a nice cohesive sashing, as well as coordinating cornerstones, which will help to break up all that busy-ness.

There’s eight blocks done already, and only 12 more to go. I’m going to have to start pondering a new L&E project soon.

Here’s where all my other quilts are at:

  • Walk Like a Dinosaur: Still building dino toes
  • Calico Garden: Still building giant stars
  • Blockhead: Patiently awaiting Wednesday
  • Dog Logs II: Building cabins, log by dog
  • Leader and Ender quilt – As above, the traffic jam is building up!

7 thoughts on “All jammed up

  1. Shirley

    That is going to be a wonderful quilt with such a variety of pretty fabrics. I gave up on trying to figure out the block layout. Will try again when you show the completed top.


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