FO: Woodland Walk

With COVID putting a stop to what little traveling we did do, the poor Woodland Walk socks were being terribly neglected.

I decided to put them into regular rotation (the only other thing on the needles is the Minerva cowl) and before I knew it, they were done.


This was a really fun pattern (and free too!) and it was surprisingly easy to memorize the lace chart. Because the lace is worked across just 16 stitches of the sock, it also goes surprisingly fast.


And it’s such an elegant result. My phone camera is really not doing it justice – the colour differences in the yarn are much more subtle and show off those leaves so well.


The only modification I made was to work the leaf pattern down the toe (re-working the decreases so they worked with the normal decreasing on the toe.

If I was smart, I would have mirrored the lace on the second sock, but still , it works well enough.

This pair is a touch too big for me, so it’s now tucked away safely in the gifting box. And I need a new pair of socks on the needles!

10 thoughts on “FO: Woodland Walk

  1. They are beautiful! I have that pattern in my library and may need to whip up some of those (after I finish the ones on the needles). Congratulations on a great finiish!


  2. Shirley

    Those are such beautiful socks! The color and the lace look so exquisite. Someone with feet bigger than yours is going to be very happy at gift time.


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