Easy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

I know for a lot of you, this COVID season has you missing time with your family.  We haven’t done a big to-do about Easter for a while, so a quiet day at home is par for the course for us. I do have a nice Prime Rib roast to cook today, and I’m looking forward to that.

You may recall that one of my favourite thing about Easter is my Easter dresses. Despite despite my commitment to not spending, I did do a little online shopping and got myself a new one. (Thanks Old Navy!)


It didn’t actually show up in time for Easter (COVID has understandably slowed their fulfillment process), but that’s ok. It will still be a nice pick-me-up when it does arrive.

Another little bit of Easter cheer came from Mom. She stopped by briefly to pick up some sewing supplies ( all appropriate distancing measures were observed), and she exchanged them for a beautiful Easter Lily. (Don’t worry, it’s well out of reach of the kitties)


And some gorgeously bright and cheerful Gerberas.


Sadly, COVID has left many of the local growers without a place to sell their Easter flowers. Instead of dumping them all in landfills or compost piles, many of the Greenhouses have been putting skids out on the side of the road, and offering them for free. So Mom picked a couple up to brighten my week.

Despite the current situation, I hope your Easter is full of cheer and hope. We will get through this, in the end!



9 thoughts on “Easy Easter

  1. Happy Easter to you too! I love your Easter dress. It’s beautiful. I bought one online before all of this kerfluffle and it’s too small. I’m going to keep it as incentive to try to lose a few pounds.
    How fun to get flowers. I would love to see some fresh flowers but it’s too sad that the growers are having to give them away. I’m glad you were a recipient though.


  2. Araignee

    Pretty dress! How sweet of Mom to think of you with the flowers. That is so sad that all the pretty blooms have no place to go. I was just saying to The Mister that I usually pick a few branches off the camellias to bring in for Easter dinner but they bloomed weeks ago. Weird year all round.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Happy Easter! Your new dress is beautiful and I bet you have a cardigan (or two or three) to match the dress. The flowers would certainly brighten up my day. It is so sad that the growers were unable to sell their plants.


  4. jatshaw

    Happy Easter! Loved seeing those beautiful flowers. At our house our crazy mixed up Christmas cactus is blooming its heart out. Other folks have told me theirs are, too. I wonder how they knew everyone needed a bit of good cheer. I’ll bet your Prime Rib was very tasty! Hope your pretty dress arrives soon.


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