Happy Easter

I got a cute little Easter hanger from the dollar store, but that’s about the extent of our Easter celebrations this year. Oh, I do have a ham, and a some nice pineapple for dinner. I’ll probably make Dave some scalloped potatoes (I don’t like them much, so they are a real treat for him when I do make them.). But that’s it for us. In truth, Easter isn’t really a big deal for us, but I haven’t even bought myself an Easter dress this year. We’re saving all our pennies for our future house. (Still looking, but not discouraged)

Of course, every day is a feast at Squirrelington’s

If walnuts are out, the patrons still ALWAYS go for them first. But it seems otherwise, everyone has gotten up to speed on the new set up.

Even the Blue Jays have figured it out, though I’ve yet to be able to get a picture of them at the bar. They are much more wary of me than the squirrels!

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Araignee

    Your little bunny is more than I accomplished for Easter this year. I am skipping the whole thing since I am so tired of these dreary Covid holidays. I bought myself a new little toy to cheer myself up. Blog post about it tomorrow.


  2. Adorable decoration…I ‘m with Dave, I love scalloped potatoes! The squirrels are a treat, that’s for sure! If you set up a ‘Squirrelington’ live feed–you would have lots of viewers! lol


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