Cruising on Calico

After my earlier flub up, things are back on track with Calico Garden. I’ve made two more blocks for the top. And I even surprised myself by having enough energy to do the whole process (make HSTS, cut HSTS, iron HSTs, trim HSTs, and assemble blocks) in one day!

I was very, very proud of myself, until I uploaded the pictures…


How on earth did I not notice that the bottom corner on the left hand block is facing the wrong way?????

Oh well, it’s an easy enough fix, and I’ll tackle it when I get ready to make the last two blocks. That’s right…


Just two more blocks and I can start assembling this big beauty. It’s going to have sashing and cornerstones, plus an outer border. This will probably be the biggest quilt I’ve made so far!

10 thoughts on “Cruising on Calico

  1. Araignee

    I hate when that happens. I discover boo boos too when I take photos of my stuff. It is looking good though. It makes me dizzy thinking about the process of making that block.


  2. I catch more errors through the camera lens than I ever do by just looking at my projects. At least you caught this one early, and not after you’d started the quilting! (Been there, done that…)
    I love your happy stars – it’s going to be a stunner!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    The blocks are just awesome! Great that you caught the misturned block so early that it will be an easy correction. Really looking forward to seeing this assembled.


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