Saturday garden stop

This week has really cooled off compared to last week…


But Relic says it’s not bad if you roll around on sun-warmed pavement.

I’m not about to do that, but I did bundle up against the chilly wind to get some pictures of the new blooms for you!

The big double bloom daffies are starting to bloom, and the mini daffs are still going from last week. I expect to see my pink/white ones in a few weeks.


It was nice to see that my pretty purple hyacinth (from neighbour Krista) has spread and I’ll get two blooms this year.

I don’t remember planting this white hyacinth out back (maybe the squirrels brought it). But Relic could not understand why I wanted a photo of it, instead of him.


My pretty pink Muscari (Grape Hyacinth) are blooming. I had some purple ones too, but they don’t seem to be coming up. That’s ok though – I love the pink – it’s not as common as the purple.

In non-bulb plants, it looks like the Dwarf Columbine and Iceland Poppies will bloom soon too.

Looking around the gardens, it looks like I’ve only lost two plants so far this year. There’s no sign of the pink Bleeding Heart. I have a feeling the Chrysanthemum might have shaded it to much last fall. And my Purple Pincushion plant has inexplicably disappeared. That’s a big shock, because it was a very robust plant.

But those are the ups and downs of gardening. Hoping you’re having more ups than downs this Spring!

8 thoughts on “Saturday garden stop

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful photos! Everything is beautiful – especially Relic. It looks like you have a wonderful fenced area. I have never seen pink Muscari. I thought the blooms were only purple.


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