Mr. Rainbow

A short while ago, I learned that a good friend is having a really hard time with clinical depression. I knew he had some mental health issues, but until then, I didn’t know just how bad it was.

I’ve made a committment to check in on him more often, but I’m also big on gestures. Having a physical reminder of someone’s care can go a long way. So yeah, you guessed it… he’s getting a quilt!

I sat down the other day with my graph paper and pencil crayons and planned it out.


It’s going to be log cabins – similar to Cabins at Rainbow Camp, but with a few differences. While I am using scraps for the colour sections, I’m limiting it to the colours above (no pink or brown this time), and instead of scrap neutrals for the other side of the block, I’m using solid black.

After planning things out, the next step was to go through the 2.5 strip bin to see what I had for colours. Rainbow Camp had put a good dent in my supply, and many were chopped up for Whirly Geese, I still had a good supply. Or at least I thought I did…


I’m good for greens and blues, but I’ll need a few more purples. Red and yellow supplies are pretty pitiful, but not as bad as orange, which has one lonely little scrap. I’m going to raid Mom’s strip bin (we organize our scraps in a similar fashion), but I’ll probably have to break into some fat quarters and yardage to complete this one. That’s okay though.

In the meantime, I tackled the green blocks. The quilt only needs three of them, so they were easy to whip up in an hour or so.


I love a good log cabin block! Don’t you?

Blue is up next!

10 thoughts on “Mr. Rainbow

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a wonderful design and the green blocks look great. That will be such a special gift for your friend. An original design just for him. Looking forward to seeing this one evolve.


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