FO: Mittens for kittens


Two pairs of mittens have been completed to go with the Kitty Cat hats from last week. I used The World’s Simplest Mitten pattern. It’s free AND has all sizes, and weights of yarn! That’s pretty cool.

I was going to wait until I had a box full of mittens to send off, but I think I’m going to send these ones and the hats off now. I’m a little worried the mittens are on the small side. If I send them now, she can let me know if the fit. If they do, I can keep on making more mittens that size. If they are too small, she can pass those ones along, and I can make some bigger ones for the girls in time for next winter!


9 thoughts on “FO: Mittens for kittens

  1. Those are great mittens. I’m sure the girls will be really happy to have them. I was just thinking I need to get busy and make May’s mitten quota. They don’t take long and I feel better if I get them done early in the month.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Those mittens just take the cuteness factor up another notch. I bet the girls would love to have them now since they will probably still have opportunities to wear them.


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