Garden delights

The weather continues on the chilly side… we’ve even had snow, though it’s just been flurries and hasn’t amounted to anything. Still… the spring flowers soldier on!

The White Hyacinth has bloomed completely now


And I was able to get a picture of without any furry photobombers.

Here’s some more of that pretty pink Muscari.


Like so many of you, I’d never seen any colour but purple until I came across the pink bulbs at a fancy garden centre a few years ago. I snapped it up immediatley and have not regretted the purchase. And speaking of purple – take a look at the lower right corner of that picture…


It looks like the purple ones are coming up after all! (Though they look quite blue here).


I found another small patch of it a little further over.


My lilac is reaching for the sky, and though it will still be at least a month before it fills in and blooms, it’s nice to see those flower buds starting!

Here’s hoping next week is just a smidge warmer!

9 thoughts on “Garden delights

  1. You have more flowers and bulbs showing up than we do so far. My rhubarb is trying it’s best and has some leaves unfurling so there is hope. The flowering pear trees are also looking beautiful but it will be at least a month for our lilacs.


  2. Here’s hoping you get more warmth so more of those beautiful colors can come a’ blooming. We’ve been fortunate here in that it’s been nice and warm lately. Have a safe weekend!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What beautiful signs of spring! Your gardens are just bursting with promise. Most of the spring bulbs here have started shedding their petals. Just saw daisies blooming on my morning walk.


  4. Thanks for sharing the beautiful shots of your garden. It’s crazy that snow is still falling for some. We had an overnight frost alert a couple of nights ago. We love seeing your garden starting to bloom. Have a great day.


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