Friday Felines

Many amongst my circle have noticed the COVID lockdown is not only affecting them, but their pets as well. The dogs especially seem to be thrown off that their humans are home so much more.

I didn’t think it would affect our cats much. I already worked from home, and wasn’t overly social. Dave did a big chunk of work from home too, and was only actually out of the house three days a week.

And Peno, Relic and Rupert don’t seem to have taken much notice. Peno sleeps on her dining chair all day. Rupert sleeps in the bed all day, and Relic plays in-and-out door games all day – same old same old.

But Burton…. even Dave has noticed that Burton is suckier. He’s always been a social cat – Unless he’s intently squirrel-watching, he’s always in whatever room I am, keeping an eye on me, usually from a comfortable distance.

But lately things have changed.

Every morning around 7 am, he climbs on Dave to wake him up. (He knows climbing on me is no good, I’ll just fall back to sleep). Dave gets up, feeds him, and then the two hang out on the couch while Dave has his morning coffee. An hour or so later, I finally pull myself out of bed.

I’m usually groggy first thing in the morning, so I get out of bed, then stretch out on the couch and play games on my phone while I “wake-up”.

This has been my morning routine since I started working from home over a year ago. Usually, Burton stretches across the back out of couch while I do this. But lately, he’s been a touch more…


…. what’s the word….?


… suffocating!!!

How are your kitties handling the lockdown?

7 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. What a sweetie!! Tyg seems to be much more vocal. He will meow/cry and we’ll find him just lying on the floor or curled on a chair…just wanting to communicate, not wanting water or food or to go out..Just wanting to speak – lol.


  2. Giroux is much more clingy. He has actually been climbing into my lap at night and sleeping under the covers smashed up against me. He has never done that before.


  3. Araignee

    All my critters are driving me crazy. They all want to eat 24/7. I’ve created monsters by paying too much attention to them I think. I’ve gone through a month’s worth of treats in just weeks. This is not going to end well if I can’t get more. Pup has become very clingy. She never used to pay me the time of day but now she’s got to be in my lap all day. It’s very hard to get anything done.


  4. This is really interesting and reading everyone’s comments too. I never associated Chloe’s clingy behaviour to the virus. I thought it was because she has lost most of her hearing over the winter and she wanted to know where I was at all times. She follows me EVERYWHERE. Even into the bathroom! Not that much has changed because I’m aways with her all of the time so I wonder whats up?


  5. That’s called CLINGY, Burton!
    We totally lucked out bringing Sweetie inside during the quarantine period, so I can spend a lot of time with her! I had taken that whole week off for vacation, but then the lock-down happened.
    I treasure the time home with all of my cats; they like the hours that I spend being their human cat bed…;-)


  6. Shirley Elliott

    Those photos of Burton are wonderful. He just can’t get close enough/get enough attention. My cats definitely get more attention now that I am spending more time at home.


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