Stopping traffic

I used last weekend to tackle the Traffic Jam top.


With the sashing and cornerstones in, you can get a better sense of the pattern. Like all my Leader/Ender quilts, this one is very scrappy.


Because of that, I tried to keep the cornerstones somewhat neutral. This pretty grey had little pops of colour that gave just enough interest, without drawing the eye too much.

I had a similar situation with the border fabric, I didn’t want something that would overpower the quilt.


Luckily, I had the perfect thing in the stash. A neutral beige with just a pop of colour. It creates a nice grounded frame, but fades into the background perfectly. It’s a very old fabric, inherited from a great aunt when I was just a kid. It’s nice that it has a project now.

The quilt is a nice size, about 63″ x 76″. For the back, I’m keeping the neutral theme going with this pretty crochet-printed fabric.


If it looks familiar, it’s because I used for borders in Victorian Love Charm. A few months after I finished that one up, I found more of the fabric in the clearance bin. I snapped it up because it’s just so sweet.

And to finish this one off, I’m going to use more of the border fabric for the binding. Since it’s still not wise to go up to Mom’s and spend the day quilting, Mom’s going to mess around with this one for me. When she stopped by to drop off Bear Mountain,I handed her Traffic Jam and all it’s pieces through the door. Just like Bear Mountain, she’s going to do some fancy quilting on it. I can’t wait!

10 thoughts on “Stopping traffic

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I adore scrap quilts and this one is just beautiful! That grey that you used for cornerstones is a magic fabric. It blends so well with any other fabric. That backing fabric is just spectacular. Looking forward to seeing how your Mom quilts this one.


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