Foxy baby

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to work on any of your in-progress projects? That was me the other day. I still love everything I’ve got going on, but I needed a quick hit – a quilt top I could put together in an afternoon. Time for a simple baby blanket.

Ages ago, I’d picked up this cute chunk of flannel from the clearance bin at Lens.


It wasn’t very big – only 7/8 of a yard. But it was big enough to be the back of a baby quilt (and at $3.99 a yard, a steal!) I bought it because I knew I had some fat quarters of forest critters that would work perfect with it. I also had a chunk of solid orange. It’s all been sitting around, just waiting for the perfect time to put it all together.

Some slicing, and dicing, sewing and ironing… and a few hours later…


A completed top. This is the same idea as Sprite’s Garden, but instead of  a set pattern, the stars are random. And instead of using the solid, I made the Fox fabric the centre of each star


It’s so close in shade the the star points that it just made sense. While I cut up fat quarters, this one uses 42 5″ squares, so it’s a good use for a charm pack. I had to stay within the confines of my backing fabric, so I kept the border narrow…


This little tree fabric was another clearance bin find, and it couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve got more of the orange to bind this one, and tie it all together.

And that’s ANOTHER one for the to-quilt pile!

11 thoughts on “Foxy baby

  1. Araignee

    I don’t want to work on anything I have here and I have to be careful not to get too fired up looking at other people’s stuff because I really don’t need more stuff to do.
    I do love your foxy project. I really, really want to piece something right now but I don’t have the room and I feel guilty about all the tops I already have waiting to be quilted. I really need to get in there and get some stuff done but keeping The Mister entertained all day eats up all my time. Oh, how I envy those folks who got isolated all alone. I know it would wear off but I would love some time all to myself.


  2. This one is just so perfect Val! I love all the different critter fabrics you had to use. They all go so well together and the flannel backing is adorable. Well done!!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    WOW! That is such a beautiful little quilt. I love the design and fabrics. The solid orange and the fox fabric for the center of the star are so wonderful. And that border fabric is so perfect and then more orange for the binding – perfection. The backing is pretty wonderful also. It is just a great quilt!


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