Meanwhile back in the barnyard

Work continues on the sheepiest cardigan ever.


That pile of knitting is approximately 8 inches on the back and both fronts. (It’s knit in one piece). The only saving grace of this knit is that it is chunky, so those rows, even though they are long, add up fast.  I’m trying to make the commitment to knit a ball of yarn into it each week.


I’m just about to start ball number three, and if I can keep this pace up, it will be well on its way to being done in time for fall.


“Hey Mom, this thing smells.  Maybe you should put it in the tub with Peno next time you give her a bath…”

Don’t tempt me Burton….

As soon as it is done, the first thing its getting is a long wash in some Euclan.

11 thoughts on “Meanwhile back in the barnyard

  1. Araignee

    Wow….that is something. I love the smell of dirty fleece-when I am outside getting ready to wash it. I don’t think I could knit with it so close to my face though.


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