The leader/ender pinwheels are coming together beautifully!


They are so much nicer than those pinwheels I made so long ago. The blocks are about 8.5 inches, so a nice size. I’m thinking they will have a very thin, black sashing between them all.


With just four more wheels I’ll have enough for a nice, lap-sized quilt. And I’ve put a nice dent in my 5 inch scrap pile, so I’m calling this project a definite win!

Here’s where my other projects are at:

  • Walk Like a Dinosaur: One column left of dino toes
  • Blockhead: Patiently awaiting Wednesday
  • Dog Logs II: Building cabins, log by dog
  • Rainbow in the dark: Gotta raid Mom’s stash for some strips!
  • Leader and Ender quilt – I’m spinning those wheels!



9 thoughts on “Wheelies

  1. They are beautiful blocks. I tried to make pinwheel blocks once a long time ago. I persevered and finished the quilt but my blocks weren’t nearly as neat as yours. It was my first quilt and my favorite one to date.


  2. I love pinwheels!! I have 6 blocks down and wondering if I shouldn’t just make more. It’s not even a project that I am really making anything with, but had leftover triangles that just needed to become something. LOL


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