Garden wishes

As planned, I got up bright and early Tuesday morning, headed to the garden centre. The long-weekend crowds were long gone and there was still a fair bit of selection left to meet my needs.

For once, I didn’t go too crazy. One… I don’t have much room left in the gardens, and two…  I don’t have a whole lot of extra spending money right now. Luckily, I did have a pile of loyalty points saved up.

I had enough to get 10 bags of soil (needed for pots and garden top up).  I got some pretty Begonias and Creeping Jenny to fill out a large pot I acquired last year.


While it looks nice and sunny in the picture, another few weeks and the leaves will fill in on the tree and it will mostly be in the shade – perfect for those Begonia blooms.

I also picked up some tomato and pepper plants


I was hoping to build a garden down the length of this fence. Sadly, it’s not in the budget this year. But the pots that Dave’s Mom gave me last year will do for now. The first two pots have San Marzano tomatoes – I couldn’t get my usual cherry tomatoes, but I think these will do. The second two pots are Sweet Yellow Banana peppers. I never had much luck with peppers, but I thought, why not give it another try! The last, green pot has some yellow bean seeds I had leftover from last year. Dave likes to snack on them right off the plant.

To fill in a few holes in the garden, I did grab a couple of perennials…


Pics will come when they flower!

I lied to you when I said that all my roses made it through the winter. Sadly, that cold snap we had didn’t agree with my beautiful Chicago Peace rose. I’m so sad to see her go – she was such a great bloomer.


But I’ve replaced her with this gorgeous specimen that’s been cultivated for our climate!

This isn’t the final placement of my little fountain…


… I need to get an extension cord so it can be placed in the garden. Dave recommended I get a photocell timer too – then it can turn on and off by itself. The plant spaces aren’t very big, but I thought these little Coleus were the perfect size.

There’s still some seeds to sow and a few odd jobs to do around the yard, but now it’s mostly just  time to sit back and watch my little world grow.


5 thoughts on “Garden wishes

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Your gardens were beautiful last year and I think this year holds even more potential. Looks like you make the most of your points. Your fountain will be so soothing with all the beauty in your yard.


  2. I like your little fountain. I have a small one on the deck that I love to listen too. I’m sorry your garden plans aren’t as you wished but it does look like you’ve made the best of the situation with all of the pots.


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