Quilting around the block

Other than quilting, I haven’t actually been doing much sewing. Part of that is because I was focusing on the garden, but also because right now, I am drowning in quilts. I REALLY need to get my online shop set up and sell some of these babies!


But, every week, I am adding another block to my Moda Blockhead quilt. Now that we are a little less than half way through this project, I can definitely say…. I’m not actually that keen on sampler quilts.

I don’t think I’d mind one that had a theme (like say, all different star blocks), but I think this one is just too all over the place for my liking. The limited colour palette does help tie things together a bit, but it’s just not quite my cup of tea.

Still. It is fun making a new block every week. And some of these I will definitely use again in other quilts. And I am learning some new skills (like making quarter square triangles!)

I wonder what this week’s block will be?!

7 thoughts on “Quilting around the block

  1. I find the thing that makes a difference for me in whether or not I like a sampler is block size. I love 6″ block samplers, I hate large block samplers. Not sure why the block size makes a difference, but for me it does. The issue for me right now is keeping my interest up! I had planned to do all of them, or at least most, but now I am wondering if a wall hanging isn’t just as good? LOL


  2. Shirley Elliott

    There are some beautiful blocks in your collection. I think how you assemble the blocks is going to be what will cause you to love the quilt. Good luck with getting everything set up for selling your quilts!


  3. Araignee

    That’s how I feel about Dear Jane. Every block is different which is nice but I just can’t get into that assembly line groove with it which is what I liked about quilting in the first place.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    What beautiful fabrics and use of four patch blocks! The third photo of Burton is adorable. (Well, they are all adorable but that one even more so.) Love the quilting and the backing.


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