FO: Sea Stacks

Burton helped me finished up the next quilt on my to-quilt list.

Naturally, he fell asleep on the job, but I managed to get it finished anyway.


Like Foxy Baby, this one has some great POP! This time provided by that adorable yellow crab fabric!


And like Foxy Baby, this one isn’t huge (33″ x 38″), but it’s fun!


With sharks, whales, narwhals, clams, starfish, coral… and you can see I changed up the quilting just a little bit. I drew out those meanders so they were long and lean and look a little like ripples on the water.


The back has some nice bright stars on a dark background. It’s not an exact match to the sea theme, but it’s close enough and has some what of a deep sea feel.

Now there’s just one quilt left on my list… Dog Logs II. Stay tuned!

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