Just a sample

I know I recently said that I wasn’t keen on sampler quilts… but…

I just started another one!

This one is for Mom. She’s got a free-motion quilting class coming up. The designer has created a pre-printed panel of something like 20 blocks. But instead of buying the panel, Mom figured out each block and how to put them together. Most of them are pretty basic.

She’s doing hers in solid pastel colours with a white background, and she asked if I would like to make a version too. The class is offering a couple different options for quilting, so if she has two tops, she can try both!

I went through my stash and settled on these small, mostly ditsy prints


I’ve only got four blocks so  far, but like the Blockhead blocks, they are nice for when I don’t have a tonne of time to sit down and sew.


And of course, they are giving me ideas for other blocks for other quilts!

10 thoughts on “Just a sample

  1. Araignee

    That is such a good idea. I’ve seen that on Leah Day’s online classes too. I should do something like that myself one day. I’m still stuck in meander land.


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