Spinning top

The Spin Me Right Round top is together and ready for quilting.


It’s not huge – 47″ x 57″. I had planned to make it bigger when I first started, but as I got going, I realized I didn’t have as many solid scraps as I thought. In fact, I had to dip into some of my yardage to even get this many.  Still, it’s a nice sized lap quilt

You may recall that I said I planned to use black for the sashing on this one. But as I’ve also mentioned, I’m trying not to spend one extra penny on any of my projects. The solid black I have on hand will likely be needed for Rainbow in the Dark. I was wracking my brain for what I could use for this instead, when I remembered I had a big chunk of solid navy that I’d bought when Mom and I stocked up on “essentials” before COVID shut everything down.


As you can see, it worked perfectly. And I had this beautiful bold floral print with a navy background hanging out just waiting to become a border. I love how the colours in it tie in with the colours in the pinwheels.


And keeping to things from the stash, I have  this cute little heart print for the back. I almost don’t want to use it – I have about 5.5 yards which is ideal for a much larger quilt. I kinda hate to cut it up for this one, but it works so well. And as I said, I loathe to have to go out and buy something.

The binding bin yielded up the pink, which was leftover from the back of Rowan’s flower quilt. I think it ties it all together quite nicely!

9 thoughts on “Spinning top

  1. Shirley Elliott

    It is beautiful and the navy sashing ties the pinwheels together just perfectly. The binding and backing fabrics are wonderful. I understand hating to cut into that fabric you have picked for the backing.


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