Slow and easy

Because of the late cold snap we had this year, my gardens are a week or so behind. Normally this time of year we’d be celebrating the beginning of rose season.

But so far, no blooms yet – though lots of promise with buds on almost all the bushes.

My oriental poppies are more than making up for it though.


I don’t know if it was the wet spring, or the plants are just well established now, but they’ve gone gangbusters.  The red ones bloomed first (as you see above) and they are close to being doing.

But the white ones are just getting started.

They are one of my favourites in the garden. I wish they bloomed all summer, but in another week they will be finished completely.


I’d really like to get another Coral Bells or two. Not only do their leaves come in a gorgeous array of colours, they have these sweet little white flowers.


Same with the Sagifraxa. I bought it on a whim last year, and I’m so glad I did. I have two of these hardy little guys right in the front of the sidewalk garden.


My little white Bleeding Heart in the sidewalk garden has put out two tiny little blooms. I really should move it to a sunnier spot so it can really shine.


My peonies will be open soon.  I’ve got about a dozen buds on the bush this year.



5 thoughts on “Slow and easy

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What beautiful blooms and promise of even more beautiful flowers. Poppies just don’t last long enough. I noticed on my morning walk that gladiolas are in bloom here.


  2. Oh Poppies are so so beautiful. I grew them once when they came in a prairie flower mix years ago. Every year I see them and wish I’d planted some!

    I was doing even more garden work today after a 20 plus mile ride with Fireman on our bikes. I looked around and the peonies barely lasted 4 days. DONE. The Irises were showy this week. But they are almost done.

    I realize that trying to keep flowering plants in a healthy rotation on 2 acres is a full time job. I told Fireman, I don’t do any annuals other than cosmos by seed. SO I have only had columbine (blue) , irises (purple) and peonies (pink) so far.

    The echinacea is growing and looking so promising. The mini poms have started to bloom. just little white clusters. I have echinacea all over the place . I have a little spot up by the mailbox that has echinacea, of course, and a yellow prairie daisy like flower, and some hostas.

    I have been moving things and moving things and moving more things. Especially echinacea. I have concentrated lots of energy in the woods in early spring and am happy to say the crimson clover is about to bloom. I hope the clover really does replenish our soils. I was happy to see mama deer down in the woods this week.

    So my neighbor is getting a great surprise this year. I hope. On her side of our property , I have planted irises that I moved a month ago and they bloomed wonderfully.
    I have at least 5 cosmos clusters she can enjoy . And I moved some echinacea there today in a spot where the cosmos did not come up.

    I water and water and water. I’m loving it. Now, when will that first echinacea flower burst forth ?


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