Jam session

It’s strawberry season!!! Strawberries are my very favourite fruit, so I absolutely love this season. All though I have some growing in my garden, it’s not enough to satisfy my love for fresh, locally-grown berries.(California berries just aren’t the same).


I may have gotten a little over-excited when I saw them in the grocery store on Friday. But that’s ok. There’s a quart just for random berry munching. There’s also a quart for strawberry shortcake – I’ll be whipping up some hot-milk sponge cake today!

And then there’s two quarts left for…


JAM!!! … so I can make this deliciousness last allllll year long.



Because there’s nothing better than a little taste of summer slathered on an English muffin come December.

7 thoughts on “Jam session

  1. Araignee

    YUM!!!! I’ve been tempted to add strawberries to my delivery order but I’m very pick about my berries. I know I would get a container of much and mold.


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