FO: Arabella’s birthday skulls

The  skull heart hat was completed in plenty of time to give to the birthday girl.


It’s nothing too fancy – just a fingering weight beanie with the skull chart (adapted from this pattern) four times around the hat.


It fits me (I have a small head) so it should be good for Arabella with a little room to grow.

It’s fingering weight, so it’s nice and light. Alley Cat for the main yarn, and Twinkle Cat for the skulls – adding just a touch of sparkle.


Arabella’s Dad sent me the above picture not long after we drove by and dropped off her present. If you’re wondering about the beard – her day had a pirate theme. When we were there, she  had a tricorn hat on – but no beard.

But as you can see it’s a perfect fit, and apparently was a hit with the birthday girl – so I’m happy.

Now I’ve got to get moving on some birthday socks for Dave… I’ve got just over a month left to get them finished!

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