Rose-coloured glasses

It has begun!

The roses are blooming!

Honey Perfume wins the honour of being the first rose to bloom this year. As you can see, she starts off as a beautiful golden honey yellow, and then fades to a gorgeous apricot as she opens. By the end she’s the palest of peaches.

I have to admit, I’m a little dissapointed with my new rose – Chinook Sunrise. This is what I was expecting.



And at first that’s what they look like…

… for five minutes, but as soon as the sun hits them…


… bam – tiny flowers, wide open with barely any petals.

I wrongly assumed it was a large-bloomed Tea Rose from the picture on the label. But I should have done my homework – it’s a shrub rose. When it’s done blooming, I’ll probably move it to a spot out front that’s better for a shrub rose. I’ll look for something better for this space in a month or so.

And that’s not to say I’m against shrub roses, per se…

IMG_4345 This is Navy Lady, my only other shrub rose . She sits at the corner where the driveway and walkway meet. This means I have to keep her well trimmed (she likes to snag my dresses as I pass by), but she’s a real beauty once she gets blooming.

Her blooms are small, but many-petaled, and are the most beautiful shade of deep, rich red I’ve ever seen.

Still, the Tea Roses are my favourite (Floribundas like Honey Perfume are a close second)

This beautify is Garden Party/ I usually only get a couple blooms off her, because she doesn’t get as much sun as she should. Perhaps I should put her where Chinook Sunrise is… she’s a beauty that really deserves a chance to shine.

And though not a rose…

I just have to share my peonies. They are so big and beautiful this year. Unfortuantely they are also leaning over like mad because they are so top heavy. Neighbour Krista used tomato cages to keep hers upright, so I will have to try that for next year. I’ll probably clip the really floppy ones here and make a bouquet for the house.

It’s also Dianthan season

I have a couple of each of these in almost every colour they come in. I bought them as “annuals” several years back. But they come back every year and put on an incredible show in June.  If you’re looking for bang for you buck (they are usually only a few dollars a plant), these are a winner.

And last….

Lily season has also begun. So far it’s just my trumpet lilies, but there’s lots more colourful lilies to come!

8 thoughts on “Rose-coloured glasses

  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love Navy Lady. That is an awesome color.

    My peonies were doing their thing and then got blasted by a bad storm. I lost most of the blooms. Next year I am buying peony cages. There is a company not far from me that carries them. They are a little bit prettier than tomato cages, but (as you might expect) a bit more pricey.


  2. jatshaw

    Love that dark red rose! And the others are beautiful as well. I got a birthday bouquet with peonies that are lasting quite well which surprised me. As for lilies, a sneaky deer “pruned” mine as well as a bush rose, both of which are out front. BTW, do you have a remedy for black spot?


  3. Araignee

    What gorgeous blooms!!! The color of your roses are just exquisite. For some reason around here everyone goes for the garish hot pink ones. Not a fan.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Your roses are just beautiful! Yellow roses have always been a favorite of mine. I have always considered dianthus a magical plant. It just thrives in most conditions and spreads.


  5. I am just green with envy. My yard is 100% heavy shade, so no roses or peonies for me — and I love both of those so much. In the meantime, I am developing a bit of appreciation for shade plants.


  6. Gosh, our peonies are already spent; time to cut them back.
    Some of my newest native plants are flowering: blue vervain, and wild hairy petunia.
    Hope my wild bergamot will flower soon.
    It’s really fun to play in the garden!


  7. Oh Val . You have such gorgeous roses. They can be tricky here with black spot and too much humidity. yet they are glorious all the way to the first snows! I love seeing your garden

    almost nothing is in bloom right now, but the crimson clover is starting! Im patiently watering and watering. Honestly it feels like that’s all I do. Come on flowers. its Solstice!


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