Snakey, snakey in the grass

Yes, this is a post about a real, live snake, so if that’s not your thing, feel free to skip.


Now if you decided to stick around…


Many of you may remember Bowie, neighbour Krista’s ball python. The other day she brought him outside for a little summer sun


The neighbourhood kids think he’s pretty cool, and he had quite the audience for a while. Some of the neighborhood adults weren’t as thrilled, but they were content as long as Bowie stayed on his own lawn.

His colouring is “Banana Pewter” and I think he’s one of the prettiest pythons ever.

After having some fun in the sun, he decided my dress would be an ideal place for a wee rest. There couldn’t be a sweeter snake in my books.

9 thoughts on “Snakey, snakey in the grass

  1. kayT

    I really, really don’t like snakes, but your pictures and commentary have made me see that this guy really is very lovely. However: Are you wearing that dress?? Thus, are you wearing that snake??? Yeek.


  2. Araignee

    What a beauty! I wish all the snakes here were so pretty so I could see them better. I almost stepped on a black snake the other day. It was a good thing it was paying better attention than I was.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Since I am terrified of snakes, I skipped the post. Recently, my tuxedo cat was in the basket under the coffee table with her tail hanging out. All I saw initially was the black tail that looked like a snake coming out of the basket.


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