Garden treasure

Over the years, my garden has collected many treasures.

The newest is FROGGY! (All caps because he’s just so WOW with all that bright yellow)

He was a gift from neighbour Krista this year. I got Dave to hang him on the wall above my potting bench. I think it’s the perfect spot for him.

And then just last week she surprised me with another little treasure.


I’ve named him Winston. This one she painted herself. And oh my… the detail she put into it!

I am so lucky to have a neighbour like her!

HK used to sit in the basket where Winston now resides..


But now she hangs out with indoor plants by the fence.

These little mushrooms came from the dollar store, if you can believe that!

They are supposed to be chimes (the tops are on springs) but it would take gale-force wind to make them make noise that low to the ground. They are cute though.

This little toad house came from the garden centre the second year we were here. It think it was my first garden treasure.


I’ve never seen a toad in it. It mostly collects slugs… but still, I love it.

G’Nomeo (my very first gnome) came from a former boss. Her mother had bought him for their garden. Her mother had passed away, and my boss was NOT a gnome person. But she felt bad about throwing him out, so I offered to adopt him.


I gave him a new paint job a few years back, but it looks like he’s in need of another one. He peeks out from underneath the blackberries, but as you can see, he still gets a good amount of sun – hence the need for a refresh.

The gnomes out front get more shade


But the sedums have really overgrown their space… I’m going to have to do some cutting, or find a new home for them.

I showed you Heffalump a few weeks back.


He got moved to beneath the lilac, because I put the cauldron fountain in his former spot. I’m hoping a little more shelter will encourage the birds to come down for a little drink.


You may recall that this had a couple Coleus planted in the sides. They weren’t doing too great (too much sun) so I moved them, and planted some snap dragons seedlings and they seem quite happy there.

Siamese kitty guards the side garden.


He was bought on a shopping trip with neighbour Krista a few years back.

So was Mr. Snail.


Right now he’s growing some sunflowers for me (which will get transplanted when they are big enough.)

I love my antique bird cage


It’s not very big (it was probably just a decor piece), but it’s perfect for my hens and chicks. I love hens and chicks, but the squirrels here are murder on them. I have a hard time keeping them in the garden.

Speaking of…


This little chickie is normally brimming with Hens and Chicks… but… squirrels! She’s got just two left!

And last…


No birds have taken up residence in my dollar store wicker bird house, but I love it just the same. It hangs in the lilac, and provides a bit of interest now that the blooms have died away.

What treasures can be found in your garden?


10 thoughts on “Garden treasure

  1. Araignee

    What treasures!! My mom loved to collect things for her garden too. She had some real beauties. On our family trip to Canada we had to stop at EVERY little roadside stand that sold such things. It drove the kids crazy.


  2. Winston is amazing! He has DROP DRAWERS!!!!! LOL Love the new froggy too.

    I only have a couple of things. There is a cross (leftover from the previous owner) that stands among the lavender and there are two plastic (???) birds that I found buried in the ground when we put in new plants.

    The birds are sitting on a tree stump right now until I find a better place for them.


  3. I ADORE your Siamese Kitty…WANT!!!!
    So far, I have three metal cats, a tiny gazing ball, and two huge rocks that my mother gifted to me from her garden a few weeks ago.
    I am now looking EVERYWHERE for new stuff to add to the yarden!


  4. Oh My goodness Val, ,that was fun!! I love that you adopted the orphaned gnome for starts. I have two fences my sister gave me years ago. They are metal and they have help up while the wood once rotted. I used to have a gnome but he fell and crashed here. I have a beautiful St. Francis now I have a dog with wings in one area by the pompom mums. And I have the heavy cross on a stick for where Bear bear is buried. And a piece of my moms’ hair and our rozzy’s and sucks hair are there too. It is a place of powerful emotion for me.
    Any how. WOW. I love small trinkets . I love all your garden posts Val.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    Your garden treasures are as beautiful as your plants! They add so much interest to the gardens. I like all of your treasures but that Siamese cat would probably be my favorite.


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