Ready, set, bloom!

While many flowers in the garden have a “season” or a limited bloom time, many of them provide flowers for months and months. I love those flowers.


The blanket flower is one of them. Once it gets going, it’s non-stop until the frost. I actually had to buy a new one this year. I had two last year, but neither came back (probably that late cold snap).


Tickseed is another great performer. I have one out front, but I got one for the back this year because it’s such a trooper.


This bellflower is another new one. I’m not sure how long it will bloom for, but I love the combination of blurple flowers and chartreuse leaves.

This pincushion plant will go forever too. This one is out front. I had one out back that was purple and huge, but again – it didn’t make it (which was a big surprise, it was a substantial plant).

Beardtounge is also out front. It blooms for at least a couple months on an off. And it gets both purple and pink bloom stems on the SAME plant. So weird but so neat!

The Delphinium only blooms for about a month, but its so tall and pretty it makes quite a statement. I have this in purple and blue. I had pink and white as well, but they disappeared this year.

The Iceland poppies have just NOT stopped this year. Normally they take long breaks between blooms, but not this year. Almost every day, there’s new blooms smiling up at me.

The sedum around the tree has started to bloom. The flowers are tiny, but there’s a nice variety.

The Blue Sage is blooming beautifully. This one is a favourite of the pollinators and it blooms all summer long.

The Nasturtiums in my hanging baskets have started to bloom. Nasturtiums are a little nostalgic for me. They were one of the plants I ALWAYS had in my garden as a child. Apparently my great-grandma was fond of them too, though she passed when I was only a few years old.

The day lilies are just getting started. They will bloom until August at least. Above is Stella d’Oro, though I have many other types, and all are covered in buds.

It’s hard to believe July is almost here… but really the flowers are just getting started!

10 thoughts on “Ready, set, bloom!

  1. kayT

    Thank you so much for giving me a virtual tour of your beautiful garden this morning. I had been reading some crap about politics (why did I read that??) and then opened your blog and it was truly like a breath of summer and peace. I can smell those nasturtiums! (I wonder if they will grow here in central Texas, aka center of the sun.)


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Such beautiful and colorful flowers! You have such a great variety in your gardens. I am sure it is calming just to walk thru your gardens.


  3. Your Bellflowers with light leaves is a real beauty! I forgot about nasturtiums. They are so pretty and not many people grow them here. Im still waiting on my echinacea blooms, and cosmos bud. The Crimson clover is amazing. Just amazing. My neighbors , COVID precautions in place, are coming to see the clover. They are landscape architects and one of them has never used crimson clover. I can’t wait to show it off!


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