Vacation adventures

As you may recall, I’m on vacation this week. Usually my vacations are pretty mellow affairs. Some sewing, some knitting, some gardening, and maybe a day out thrown in the mix.

But so far, this one has been a bit of a whirlwind.

It started bright and early one morning with a three hour trip northward. I packed Dory up and Mom and I headed to reunite the Johnson 5.


We had a wonderful day in the pool with my sister-in-law, and nieces.

My brother cooked us a fabulous dinner and then we hit the road for another three hours driving home.

I fully planned on sleeping in the next day…

But as soon as the birds started chirping (or at least not long after), Dave woke me up and conscripted my help at his Grandma’s in Mississauga (about 40 minutes away).


A 50-year-old beech tree had dropped a rather large branch on her garden shed. Thankfully no one was out there when it happened, and other than some very slight damage to the roof, the shed is fine. But that branch (limb really) is a MONSTER.

Dave and his uncle attacked the leafy end branches with a sawsall, and tossed them my way. I broke them down with a pair of large clippers into manageable pieces the garbage men will take to the compost facility.


Once denuded they still had to get it off the roof. It was heavy, but with a little ingenuity, and the help of the ladder for support, they managed.


Now it, and the branches that were too thick for the clippers, are awaiting Dave’s other uncle, who has a chainsaw.

And you’d think helping out would earn me a day of rest… but no…

The very next day, were up up early AGAIN – hopping into Dory for another road trip (this one 2 hours one way).

Through Kijiji, Dave found a guy with a bumper for his Bonneville. Pontiac didn’t make Bonnevilles for the Canadian market in 1967, so parts can be very hard to come by.


This very nice gentleman had a mansion (yeah, a literal mansion) with a very large shop that had somewhere between 15-20 classic Pontiacs in varying stages of restoration. Dave was in heaven.

I think Dave wanted to move in. And I would have happily driven away in that Beaumont (if it had an engine… which it didn’t).

Now I’m hoping that’s all the driving I’ll have to do for the week.. but at this rate… who knows! I need a nap!


10 thoughts on “Vacation adventures

  1. Sure sounds like your vacation was awesome! We’re glad no one was hurt by that limb, too. Dad’s got a younger brother that would surely be drooling over those Pontiac photos. He loves those old boats! Great post.


  2. When Fletch and I were first married and lived in Malvern, we knew a woman, Betty, who drove a Pontiac Bonneville. We called it the BOAT. Enormous fins! Your day with the Johnson girls looks like fun. Glad no one was hurt by that LARGE limb coming down! You deserve a bit of a rest now.


  3. Araignee

    Your tree adventure is the story of my life. Multiply that by 12 and you know the mess we have going on here. I’ll have to show The Mister the photos of the old cars. He is also a fan. He misses our Farmer’s Market where they always had a big display of old cars. It was cancelled this year due to the Rona, of course. We’re still pretty much shut down here.


  4. Gosh, we still cannot get that close to folks whom we don’t live with, so I’m glad you had fun!
    Come visit us in Metro Detroit sometime, when the border crossing is open, and we’ll find car parts for you…trust us!
    We had a windy storm a week or so ago, and as I walk the neighborhood, one can see where huge branches came down; they make holes in the ground! Falling tree limbs are very dangerous, so just a dent in the shed is very lucky.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful adventures you have been having on vacation! Your day at the pool with family sounds wonderful. I would have struggled to stay awake for the drive home after a day in the water and a delicious meal. Great photos of your travels/adventures. We even got to see a photo of Dave.


  6. That is a busy vacation. The reuinion trip looks like tons of fun — wish I had family in driving distance! — the tree, job, not so much.
    What cool cars! My dad owned an auto parts store and always wanted a restored vintage car. However, he knew NOTHING about cars and didn’t want to pay for restored car. I think he kind of regretted not getting a vintage car.


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