Before all the vacation drama of the past few days, I had a free afternoon. So I sat down and decided to bang out the last purple blocks for Rainbow in the dark. It took several hours, but it all seemed to go swimmingly…


Until I started laying them out with some of the other blocks…


Huh… well something isn’t right…. at first, I thought it was that I’d just added an extra row of purple. But no… it couldn’t be that simple…


If you follow the number sequence, you’ll see I went wrong at number three.  On the purple block, number 3 should have been a purple rectangle.  But I did black… and it threw everything off. It also means that all 11 blocks have to be ripped back right to the start, and done over.

Sigh… but that’s for another day. This one is in a time out until I can face it again.

12 thoughts on “Crap

  1. Araignee

    Crap is right. If it makes you feel any better my hexie top gets ripped out as much as it gets sewn. Math just isn’t my thing.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Oh, no!!! The blocks are just beautiful though. Betting it won’t be long before you just decide to tackle the ripping and redo those blocks. Good luck!


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