Friday felines

Beware of invasive species…

… they will make themselves at home and crowd out your other plants.


(In his defence, the plant was dying before he sat on it… I just haven’t gotten around to putting something new in the pot.)

9 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    That is exactly why I don’t have any indoor plants anymore. I had a plant that I had since I was in high school that the buggers killed that way. I cried for days.


  2. Oh My Goodness. That’s hytsterical . Thanks for the laugh! They thnk the fit anywhere!
    OUrs are all locked in the cool basement as 4 windows are getting replaced today by Anderson The two guys have been here an hour and a half and said almost nothing to one another.
    They also told me they did not have masks. I gave them each one for when they are inside


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