Safe harbour

Thankfully, my week as calmed down a bit. Yesterday was downright lazy (other than mopping some overdue floors). The weather is hot, humid and hazy, so it just sucks the energy right out of you.

Still there’s always a little bit of drive to do some knitting.


Dave’s birthday is 18 days away. There’s still lots of time to complete the second sock, but I don’t want to dawdle either. Besides, it’s waaaaay too hot to work on that darn, stinky cardigan.

11 thoughts on “Safe harbour

  1. Araignee

    They look great!! I love the color and texture. I hear you about being too hot. I feel the same way about Mosi. It’s still a lap full of wool even though it’s not stinky.


  2. Love your sock. And thanks for pointing me to this pattern. I cast on the first sock in a pair for my daughter, who will be moving from Miami to Denver in August. Finally I can knit for her!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I like that green sock – and also what it is displayed on. The heat and humidity would make stinky yarn even more of a challenge.


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