Sign of the times

One of the reasons for the trip north last week was also pick up a custom woodwork piece I’d commissioned from my brother.


Several of our neighbours have plant stands like this an it works especially well with the shape of our walkways. My brother loves to play with wood and was only too happy to make it for me. He was going to paint Welcome on it as well, but I told him not to worry – I had something special in mind…


I can’t take credit for it… I found the image online. But it was PURRFECT! I was going to make a stencil and paint it myself, but Mom suggested vinyl. Neighbour Krista has a Cricut printer and very kindly did the hard work for me! It’s certainly easier than cutting it by hand!


I was planning on buying a new potted plant for it, but had hung gnome Winston there just to get an idea of size. He looks so at home, I think he’s staying for the rest of the summer.

It’s so good to have talented friends and family!

11 thoughts on “Sign of the times

  1. So cute!

    But, now you need to get another cat. There are FIVE cats on the welcome sign. I would hate for you to be accused of false advertising. :::wink:::


  2. That is a perfect sign Val. I might have to make Will make one for Allison. I am having a friend and there two grandkids up to play on the water today. We are going to distance and mask. She’s driving almost 2 hours to get the kids up here to play. I forgot to tell them I’m a cat lady…….well to remind my friend to tell her kids. But they won’t be in the house anyhow


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