FO: Petty Harbour


With 12 days to spare, I finished up Dave’s birthday socks. The pattern is Petty Harbour, a freebie that’s very easy, and gives a nice bit of texture – perfect for an endless man-sock.

The yarn is our Alley Cat BFL, that I dyed up just for Dave. The colour is “grasshopper”, a nice semi-solid summery green – perfect for his July birthday. I’m lucky that Dave is not too fussy about colour when it comes to his socks – I can get away with making pretty much anything but pink (or pink-like shades, such a peach, coral, lavender, etc.). It can get quite tiring making man socks in nothing but blue, black, brown, or grey.

And now these are tucked away safely until his birthday… and I’m onto a new knit! Details soon.

12 thoughts on “FO: Petty Harbour

  1. They turned out so nice! I’m working on a pair of Petty Harbour socks for Dennis too. I have finished the heel flap on both of them tonight. My knitting time has been severely restricted recently getting ready for the move. I won’t let myself knit anything else until I finish them. I love the pattern and use it a lot although it shows up much better on your solid color socks.


  2. Araignee

    Nice! It is refreshing to see man socks in a cool color. I dread man socks but they are always well received and appreciated.


  3. Really nice finish. Glad your guy will wear more than black or brown socks!!!!! Or grey or navy~!
    Im working on greens right now too! Must get outside and pick some clover flowers before the storms hit. I’m keeping things staked up until the major winds predicted, are calm again


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