Garden favourites

July is usually the time when my lilies are at their best.

This plain white ones are classically beautiful in their simplicity.

The trumpet lilies are similar, but with a slightly different shape, and just a touch of pink.

My plain orange ones have a definite pop!

And the “Salsa Dance” version take that pop and amp up the wow factor.  (I have a yellow version of these too, but the squirrels broke them all this year before they could bloom)

These pink ones are my favourite though. I love their soft shade and little black freckles.

The orange daylilies are going gangbusters this year. They’ve really benefited from the wet spring.

And the Stella d’Oro daylilies never disappoint. They are a much smaller daylily – great for small spaces.

And last… one perfect white Cala lily has bloomed in my pots. I hope there are more to follow… there’s definitely more lilies to come. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Garden favourites

  1. They are all so gorgeous but I think I like the pink ones best. When I was a child in Iowa we had what we called Tiger Lilies. They were very similar to your orange daylilies. We used to eat them! I’m surprised we didn’t get sick. We would have a “bakery” and use the lilies to for decorations on the cakes, etc., and eat them. Crazy kids.


  2. Araignee

    How lovely! Dad had quite the selection in his yard too. I transplanted some here but they never bloomed because of all the shade. All I get is green. I got one single orange blossom this year but it popped up in a sea of poison ivy so I could never get a photo of it.


  3. Your lilies are absolutely gorgeous! What a nice collection!
    My grandmother (the one who was an amazing gardener) grew lots of different lilies and would cut them and bring them into the house to enjoy. All except for one – it had a beautiful flower but the smell was horrifyingly bad, to the extent that we didn’t even like to walk by that flowerbed! Every year she would consider digging it up, but always relented – “it’s just so pretty…”


  4. Shirley Elliott

    What a beautiful collection! Such pretty colors and so many varieties. Your yard/gardens must be the star of your neighborhood.


  5. Oh those Cala Lilies! Wow. They are just gorgeous. My little lilies are just orange lil guys that last one day. I spent the majority of my garden time today putting soapy suds on all my treasures as there are grotesque nasty beetles that want to eat everything.
    I have to look up how to keep my squash from getting attacked at the flower stage. I don’t want to cover them up too much. I think I have to make a cardboard collar for each blossom so they don’t get cut worm damage. Thank God for gardening during COVID!


  6. Love the lilies!!!!!! My tigers are still going strong but I have some buds getting ready to open and I am hoping they will be the pink ones! I love the orange day lilies you’ve got blooming!


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