Hot times, summer in the city

Roses and lilies aren’t the only thing happening in the garden. In fact, this time of year is probably the best in terms of abundance of blooms.

The daisies are starting to die off now, but they were absolutely spectacular this year.

The Yarrow is new to me this year and it’s been fun watching it bloom and fade

I have bee balm in purple and pink. Only the pink has bloomed, but I think it’s my favourite. It reminds me of fireworks

My blue sage is doing beautifully this year

As are both my lavender plants (purple and light pink)

I’ve got Tickseed out front and out back and it gives the gardens a gorgeous bit of bright yellow cheer.


And last… my coneflowers have started to bloom!

These will bloom right through to fall.

July might be a beast in terms of heat, but it’s a beauty when it comes to the garden.

11 thoughts on “Hot times, summer in the city

  1. Araignee

    Heavenly!!! I hated taking care of Dad’s lawn but I do miss Mom’s flower beds. She had the perfect spot and even I had no trouble keeping it up in the years after she left us.


  2. They are so pretty. My MIL loves daisies. They are her favorite flower and I always think of her when I see them. My lavender is so pretty right now and I hate to see it go away when the house is sold. My heart is a bit sore right now with all of the goodbyes we’re saying to our home.
    Your flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Absolutely beautiful! Such vivid colors. Daisies and cone flowers are some of my favorites. You have so much variety that you will have flowers until winter.


  4. Gorgeous blooms!
    I’ve been watering everything, since we’ve had such a run of dry, hot weather.
    Some of my plants didn’t make it, but that’s okay; this whole yard is an experimental zone!


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