Richly royal

With Dave’s socks done, I needed another pair on the needles (I must always have at least one pair of socks on the go – it’s knitting law).

A while back, Sam had commissioned me to make a pair of man socks for a good friend of hers.  Sam can knit, but she’s not that fond of making socks (one sock she can do, it’s the second one that’s the challenge). She’s definitely not willing to attempt a pair of man socks.

The friend had requested royal purple and crimson red for his man socks (I like a man who likes colour in his socks!), so I dyed up some custom Alley Cat.


Nothing fancy for the knitting – just a 2-2 garter rib. This way the yarn can really shine. The foot will be plain, but I’ve still got a bit to go until I get there!

10 thoughts on “Richly royal

  1. ANYTHING to avoid knitting that stinky sweater, eh?
    Please, I’m just kidding! I make lists of stuff that I have to do…then cross off things that I get done, but there is always something that I don’t do, then it goes on the next list…and again isn’t crossed off…hahaha!


  2. That’s great color. I could see my son Alex requesting those colors. I just finished kitchenering the toes of Dennnis’s socks. Men’s socks seem to take SO much longer. I used the Petty Harbour pattern to about halfway down the top of the foot so it would show above his work loafers. Then I switched to plain knitting. MUCH faster! 🙂


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