FO: Lounger for the house lions

Today’s FO is a tag-team effort.

A few months back, an add for an Annie’s crochet pattern came up in my facebook feed.


Sadly, I don’t crochet. But Mom does…. I wasn’t  too hard to sweet talk her into it… she loves her grandkittens. And they really needed that round pink one.


I gave her some yarn leftover from my Agatha cardigan that would match our livingroom decor. There wasn’t quite enough of it, so I also gave her some same yarn in a darker shade so she could make it two-tone.

On the weekend she finally gave me all the finished pieces so I could put it together and stuff it.

Now… it’s cute…. but it needs some work still. It’s definitely the stuffing that makes the project in this case. I thought a round pillow form would work for the bottom….


But it’s definitely too poofy. And I stuffed the back too much.


Peno agrees… even though it’s made of 100% merino, as you can see, right now she’d rather lay on the worn out futon beside it.

But it’s ok… I’ve got a plan! On payday, it’s off to Lens to get some foam. A little custom cutting and this little boudoir bed it’s going to be just purrfect! Can’t let all Mom’s hard work go to waste!

13 thoughts on “FO: Lounger for the house lions

  1. Araignee

    My cats would be all over that since it’s made of yarn. Mom did an amazing job, That looks like some mighty fancy work there.


  2. Kittehs are very discerning creatures. Or snobs, they’re total snobs! LOL Cute bed, hope it gets a proper tryout. And love the colorful quilt from the previous post!!! Great job all around.


  3. Oh now, that is so sweet. I can’t believe how great it looks!!! Put some catnip on it maybe? Im very sad to hear that Kim’s daughters cat in Atlanta, and Stef ‘s daughters cat , both died this week. Stef’s was a kitten. One year old. They took two from one litter. The pain of seeing Bear Bear die at a year of age was so horrible. I wish I could hug them all.


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