FO: Flamingo Tote

Dave’s not the only one with a hot summer birthday. My best friend, Samantha, celebrates her special day just a few day before Dave.

As such, there’s now a package making it’s way to her by mail. There’s a few fun things in there, but I think the best of them is this:


As you man recall, she’s a big fan of flamingos. I found this cute print online pre-covid and it’s been sitting around just waiting to be made into a tote for her.

It’s not a huge one – about 12″ square. But, it’s the perfect size to toss in a wallet, some sunscreen, and a drink bottle and head to the beach at the trailer park where she spends her summers.


The handles and lining are a nice soft pink tie dye fabric I got in a “surprise” bundle. It was certainly a surprise that it was the perfect shade to go with those flamingos!

12 thoughts on “FO: Flamingo Tote

  1. Araignee

    It is just darling!! Who wouldn’t love a flamingo bag?
    True story: My neighbor on one side of my driveway pissed me off a few years ago when they built an addition imo too close to our property line so I bought a bunch of pink plastic flamingos and lined my driveway with them. I also hung a bunch of pirate and pot flags from my trees. Sadly no one seemed to care about my white trash display and over time I got used to seeing the new addition. In fact, they never even once have used the patio that they must have spent a fortune to build. They are actually adding onto it again right now with a huge ugly ramp that wraps around the whole damn house and I couldn’t care less. I’ve really mellowed with age. Lol..


  2. Am sure your friend will love this tote!
    My niece just celebrated her 21st b’day, and her mom (my sis) decorated the front lawn with plastic and paper pink flamingos! Wish I could have seen it in person, but none of us are taking chances right now.


  3. How perfect is that tote for summer? Our kids have a flamigo thing going on. Our daughter buys them for our middle son as a joke. He hates them. Then they give them to our friend who loves flamigoes.
    Your tote is such a perfect and happy bag. It makes me smile. 🙂


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