FO: A quilt fit for princesses

The other day neighbour Krista sent me this picture…


Poor Wren was using paper towels to tuck in her princess dolls, because she didn’t have a doll blankie. That just won’t do when you have a quilter for a neighbour!

I had some small HSTs leftover from one of my Berry Sampler blocks, and it didn’t take to long to put them together into a star medallion. Add a  couple strips of contrasting fabric… scrounge up some leftover batting, and a short time later…


… one perfect little doll quilt.

IMG_5685I tried it out with one of my dolls first, just to make sure everything was right. Then I sent if off to its new home and a very happy little girl.

Krista sent me this picture not long after


I think that was definitely time well-spent.

11 thoughts on “FO: A quilt fit for princesses

  1. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Miss Piper called me yesterday and requested a gray blanket for her dolls and a gray and a blue washcloth. I love that she knows she can ask me and I will definitely make her whatever she wants if I can. I just know that your little neighbor girl is equally as thrilled.


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