FO: Mom’s sampler quilt

This one is not my FO, but I just had to share – mom finished her sampler quilt with all the fancy quilting!


She was unsure when I first suggested using the dark grey grunge for the sashing and borders. But by the end she was absolutely convinced. Much like on my rainbow cabins, that dark grey makes all her solid colours pop. Especially on those border geese.


I also offered up this beautiful songbird fabric for the back. I got it for a steal off the clearance table and had no plans for it. Obviously it was just waiting to be part of this project – the colours couldn’t match better!


For the binding, I convinced her that the leftovers from the back of my Spin Me Right Round quilt would work. There was plenty left, so I was happy they could go to good use.

And while my ability to put together fabrics definitely contributed to this quilt – the REALLY amazing part is the quilting


Every single one of those blocks is different! Some of it’s freehand, some of it’s done with rulers. All of it’s incredible. That mother of mine really is a wizard with thread! I better get my blocks finished so she can work her magic again!

11 thoughts on “FO: Mom’s sampler quilt

  1. Araignee

    Oh, my goodness!!! To be able to machine quilt like that. I thought I’d be able to do that when I bought the Juki but noooo…it takes a lot of skill (and courage) to pull that off. I have neither.


  2. Ellen D.

    This is really amazingly beautiful! All of the fabrics work so well together and her quilting work is fabulous! Your Mom is VERY talented!


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