Saturday garden stop

How is it the first of August already? I know for many, COVID has made time crawl by, but I swear March was just last week.

I guess it’s because the virus really hasn’t changed a whole lot for me. I’m not overly social, and I already work from home. It’s made shopping a bit of a chore (I used to enjoy it, but not any more), but other than that, it really hasn’t altered my life. I count myself VERY lucky!

But, time is indeed marching on… I know it because the Black-Eyed Susans have started to bloom.

While they will still bloom for a couple months yet, to me they are  always as sign that we are on the downside of summer.

The coneflowers are still going strong

As are the butterflies that visit them

Tickseed, Bee Balm and Liatris are all in bloom.


We’ve also had our first harvest of sweet banana peppers and yellow beans. (And there’s lots more of both to come.) The pepper was cut up and put on homemade pizza, and the beans were boiled up and served with bbq chicken and corn-on-the-cob (I love summer eating!)

And I’ve made some small enhancements to the yard. Our local Dollarama didn’t have much left of summer yard stuff (can you believe they are stocking the aisles for Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en already!?!), but they had just four of these cute little solar lanterns left.

Four was the perfect number to grace each of the  posts in my back fence. (Two for each side.) They don’t cast a tonne of light, but they look nice when the sun goes down.

I found this slightly different style to hang on the empty post out back (the post originally held Winston and his hanging basket, but he’s now on my Welcome stand).

For out front I grabbed the last four of these neat torch style


I assumed they be blue/white LEDs like the others…. so imagine my surprise when I went out that night and saw this.


Orange! And what you can’t tell from the picture is that they flicker!!!! Just like real torches. Now I wish I could get more!

And last – I upgraded the hooks for my hanging baskets out back


The plain style I had has been replaced by this pretty curlycue. (I have one on each side). As you can see, my Nasturiums are happy.


Mr. Cardinal approves too!

8 thoughts on “Saturday garden stop

  1. I love the photos of the Black Eyed Susans and the Coneflowers too. Summer eating is always good. Especially green beans. Garden fresh green beans are my all-time favorite.
    You got some good finds at the Dollarama. Those lanterns are so pretty and the torch-like lights are really neat. I’ve seen some of them here and you’re right about buying more. I wish I had bought some to put around the. trailer at the RV park.
    Take care and have a wonderful Saturday.


  2. Awwwwww…I’ll be the little fairy or gnome that lives in the house loves the new flickering torches there.

    Your yard is beautiful with all the new additions.


  3. Araignee

    I love your lanterns! I have never seen ones like that. We used to have some solar lights out front but we never replaced them when they stopped working although I meant to because I really liked them. When and if this is all over I need to put that on my to do list.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    Your new lights and hooks add so much to your yard decor. I would love those torches because they remind me of carved pumpkins. Anything with a fall vibe and I am in love. You have as good a knack for finding just the right garden accessories as you do the right fabric. I noticed on my walk yesterday morning that the Black-Eyed Susans are starting to die back. Everything is starting to look a bit ragged from the heat.


  5. Your flowers at their finest! Your new light purchases are awesome!!! Flickering is so cool. I will watch for those.. Im not ready for July to be ove.r I wait all year for this weather. I love the open doors, screens and breezes. I’ feel so one with nature.


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